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Dental CE Courses

Over 50 Free CE Courses offered to CARDP Members Only!


Courses Offered

4 Cornerstones of Restorative PredictabilityDr. Michael Fling2022
Intermediate Shell Overlay Crown TechniqueDr. Michael Fling2022
Pathway Wear: Identification, Management, and RehabilitationDr. Morgan Gwin2022
Prolonging the Life of a ToothDr. Neil Starr2022
Provisionalization of Cases Requiring VerticalizationDr. Ian Tester2022
The "Gold Standard": A Blueprint to Restorative SuccessDr. Tim Hess2022
The 6 Tools - Putting the Teeth in the Middle of the SmileDr. Bill Robbins2022
The Epidemic of Cracked Teeth; Diagnosis, Treatment & PreventionDr. David Clark2022
Back to the FutureDr. Ian Tester2019
Clinical Evaluation of Prefabricated Endodontic Dowels?Dr. Donavan2019
Generations of Zirconia...Criteria for Clinical SuccessDr. Sulaiman2019
Immediate Implant Provisionalization - A Surgeon's JourneyDr. Akin2019
Indirect vs Direct Composites vs Bonded Ceramics for the Restoration of Posterior TeethDr. Donovan2019
Management of Advanced Bone and Gingival DeficienciesDr. Zokol2019
New Biologic Challenges in Implant Dentistry: From Osseointegration to Peri-implantitisDr. Davies2019
Picking up attachments: The Hardest Job in DentistryDr. Sharifi2019
Saving the Failing Implant. What is salvageable? What is the Cost?Dr. Fritz2019
Selecting Cements for the Busy PracticeDr. Burgess2019
The Natural Dentition versus Dental Implant OcclusionDr. Lin2019
The Severe and Refractory Periodontal PatientDr. Goldberg2019
Uppers are from Mars, Lowers from Venus: Clarifying OverdenturesDr. Sharifi2019
Cavity Design for Successful Gold RestorationsDr. Hugo Ciaburro2018
Excellence in Adhesive Dentistry: Material Selection and TechniquesDr. Laurie St-Pierre2018
Facial Aesthetics: Looking Beyond Enamel and GingivaDr. Timothy Hess2018
Facial Aesthetics: Looking Beyond Enamel and Gingiva - Part 1Dr. Jeffrey Okeson2018
Facial Aesthetics: Looking Beyond Enamel and Gingiva - Part 2Dr. Jeffrey Okeson2018
Facial Aesthetics: Looking Beyond Enamel and Gingiva - Part 3Dr. Jeffrey Okeson2018
Facial Aesthetics: Looking Beyond Enamel and Gingiva - Part 4Dr. Jeffrey Okeson2018
Health is Wealth: You're Richer Than You Think!Dr. Ashok Oommen2018
Multidisciplinary Adult Orthodontic TreatmentDr. Claudia Giamabatistini2018
Peri-implantitis: Treatment Challenges vs PeriodontitisDr. Preety Desai2018
Prognosis of Modern EndodonticsDr. David Baker2018
Strategies for Optimizing Implant Restorations in the Aesthetic ZoneDr. Dennis Nimchuk2018
Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT): The Direction is "clear" - Part 1Dr. Richard Roblee2018
Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT): The Direction is "Clear" - Part 2Dr. Richard Roblee2018
The Restorative Management of Vertical Deficiencies: Design Principles of Using Pink PorcelainDr. Samer Abi Nader2018
Understanding Dental CeramicsDr. Berge Wazirian2018
Another way of looking at lumps and bumps in the mouthDr. Samson Ng2017
Cone-beam computed tomography and the restorative dentistDr. David MacDonald2017
Conservative Gold Castings; Simplicity and LongevityDr. Richard D. Tucker2017
Current Controversies in Restorative DentistryDr. Terry Donovan2017
Everything you wanted to know about Peri-implantitisDr. Dimitrios Karastathis2017
Failed or impossible implants? A sound and attractive cast metal solution from the adhesive worldDr. Peter Walford2017
Guided Tissue Profiling in the Esthetic Zone Around Natural Teeth and Endosseous ImplantDr. Ira Paul Sy2017
Introduction into Dynamic Surgical NavigationDr. Ron Zokol2017
Oral Surgery...SimplifiedDr. Toby Bellamy2017
Root Fractures and some strategies to avoid themDr. Mark Olesen2017
Success Simplified in Modern Restorative Dentistry - Part 2Dr. Carlos Sabrosa2017
Success Simplified in Modern Restorative Dentistry - Part IDr. Carlos Sabrosa2017
Today's Teeth in One Day - Immediate Loading of Partial & Full-Arch CasesDr. Bobby Birdi2017
What you need to know about Digital ImpressionsDr. Jonathan Ng2017
"Global Diagnosis" - A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis and Treatment PlanningDr. Bill Robbins2016
AAE/AAOMR Joint CBCT Guidelines for EndodonticsDr. Rob Roda2016
Bridging the generation gapMrs. Suzanne Balcom2016
Distal Extension Impressions and Guidelines for Implant UtilizationDr. Jack Turbyfill2016
Does Gold Still Hold a Place in Your Restorative Practice? Should it?Dr. Randy Allan2016
Enlightened Complete Denture TreatmentDr. Jack Turbyfill2016
From implant healing abutment to long term maintenance, the pitfalls you must avoid for success: An evidence based guideDr. Chandur Wadhwani2016
Is there an ideal implant design from a surgical standpoint?Dr. David Chvartszaid2016
Metal Framework Design for Implant Overdenture Comfort and DurabilityDr. David Cagna2016
Synthetic bone graft substitutes for bone repairDr. Dan Boyd2016
The Indestructible Fixed DetachableDr. Mark Vallee2016
The one-wing inlay/Maryland bridge; an implant alternativeDr. Jim Soltys2016