The Role of Continuing Education and The Dental Conference

About CARDPs Dental CE Courses

Not that long ago the only meaningful method a dental professional had for advancing his or herself was to have personal mentoring or belonging to a small group that was organized around a leader-mentor of high esteem.

Fast forward to 2019 where continuing education abounds through digital media such as YouTube, webinars, video clips, and the like. For the most part these are brief interludes into simple, shallow techniques most of which do not have validation or integrity.

None of these digital snippets can come close to the ultimate learning of the mentorship model or just personalized one on one direction and interaction. The next best thing is the dental conference peer reviewed lecture model, which transports the mentor to the disciplined lecturn stage of communication with amazing audio visual enhancements.

This is the model of CARDP dental academy, bringing the finest dental continuing education to hundreds of dentists who want to learn from the best, who can infuse the audience with the passion, confidence and integrity of superlative accomplishment.

The venue of the dental conference model and its closely honed program is way beyond what digital media can do. It is a live event that can transport the attendee into the rarefied desire to become better and to do better.

This year’s 2019 dental Scientific Meeting in Toronto will highlight some of the brightest stars in clinical and scientific teaching.

Our Dental Academy Presents The Following CE Credits for Dentistry in Toronto

Dental Academies like CARDP certify their programs, to make them eligible for your dental CE Credits which are required for maintaining licensure.

September 26th – 28th, 2019

This year’s speakers coming soon

Together, presenters and the conference attendees benefit, each pushing the expectation higher, an evolution of the quest for scientific and clinical excellence.