Welcome From Our Program Co-Chairs

 Dr. Kim Parlett

Dr. Tony Mancuso

2019 Annual Meeting – Toronto, ON

Welcome from our Scientific Program Co-Chairs

“Achieving Excellence in Restorative Dentistry”

Toronto is the host city for the 2019 Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics (CARDP) Annual Scientific meeting. We welcome all of the dental community from across Canada and beyond our borders to attend. We are so excited at the calibre of speakers and diversity in the program, which will be held at the Toronto Intercontinental Hotel.

In this fast-moving world, new technologies, techniques and knowledge are always on the horizon, and dentists are challenged to stay in a leadership position.  It is imperative to the profession that this challenge be met with the highest quality continuing education opportunities possible.  To this end, we offer our annual program of learning to the profession.  We provide excellence in quality scientifically based learning in restorative dentistry. Our speakers are carefully chosen for their unbiased quality and content.  Our meetings are collegial and friendly, allowing for networking opportunities and relationships to develop.

Our theme, “Achieving Excellence in Restorative Dentistry” will emphasize leading edge diagnostics, treatment planning, and restorative treatments from across many disciplines of dentistry.

Dr. Mark Lin will present the hands-on pre-meeting course.  Dr. Lin is a University of Toronto, trained, prosthodontist. He teaches and lectures extensively across Canada, the US, and Asia. He has a teaching institute-“TIDE”, and private practice in Toronto His hands-on clinic, to be held at the InterContinental Hotel, is titled: “Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics and Functional Occlusion: Hands-on Workshop”.

This program will address the various topics that are essential to understand the biologic and biomechanical principles required to develop a functional occlusion for our patients for long term stability, comfort and physiologic function.  The Model Hands-on component involves: Occlusal equilibration, use of T-Scan, Fabrication, adjustments and insertions of occlusal splints to manage parafunctional habits, and more. This will be a limited attendance course and for a course of this calibre with so much clinical application, we anticipate a sell-out so please register early so you won’t be disappointed!

Friday will see a very strong essayist lineup at the podium, on a broad range of topics spanning many different disciplines of dentistry: Zirconia…Criteria for Clinical Success, Tooth Borne Restorations: Mastering the Perio-Restorative Interface, Modern Removable Partial Dentures, Clarifying Overdentures, Immediate Provisionalization—A Surgeon’s Perspective, The Balance of Success and Complications Associated with Oral Implant Rehabilitation.

The Saturday program will start with short presentations and will cover The Severe Refractory Periodontal Patient, Occlusion on multiple implants in a partial dentition with Natural Teeth, Picking up attachments: the hardest job in dentistry, New Biologic Challenges in Implant Dentistry: From Osseointegration to Peri-implantitis, Saving the Failing Implant. What is salvageable? What is the Cost?, Clinical Evaluation of Prefabricated Endodontic Dowels

The remainder of the day will again have 1-hour long essayists of the highest calibre speaking on: The Management of Advanced Bone and Gingival Deficiencies, Selecting Cements for the Busy Practice- Update 2019, Indirect vs direct composites vs bonded ceramics for the restoration of posterior teeth, Predictably Planning and Restoring Anterior Implant Restorations.

As usual, we have a commercial component to our Meeting and are greatly appreciative of our corporate sponsors’ support. Here you can discuss with their product representatives, in a more relaxed and intimate setting, their new products that may be intriguing or clinically relevant and interesting.

CARDP is an Academy of dedicated restorative dentists and prosthodontists from all across Canada who believe in a congenial, interactive atmosphere. We openly share our knowledge and passion for excellence. Join us for an exciting meeting, one that will be a stepping-stone of learning and transformation of your professional life in your quest to “Achieving Excellence in Restorative Dentistry”!

See you in Toronto!

Kim Parlett DDS, MS
Tony Mancuso DDS

Scientific Co-Chairs Toronto 2019