Organization Structure

CARDP (The Academy), is a not for profit organization.  It is composed principally of General Dentists and Prosthodontist specialists.  The primary focus of the Academy is to provide selective Dental Continuing Education for its members in order that they may provide an elevated standard of Dentistry for their patients.  Through its Scientific Meetings and social functions, a forum of discussion, critique and congeniality is created for a collective benefit.
The Academy is governed by an elected council of eleven.  There are five elected Officers one of whom is President and there are six elected territorial Councilors.  As well, there are nine elected Committees which are composed of twenty-three members. Elections are held annually at an Annual General Meeting.
Voting Members are designated as:

  • Active Members
  • Fellowship Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Life Members

Fellowship Member designation is achieved by earnings on a point system indicating an elevated level of participation, education and commitment to CARDP.
Honorary Membership is bestowed to individuals of the dental profession or scientists in collateral fields who have contributed to the advancement of restorative or prosthetic dentistry or who have rendered important service to the profession or to the Academy.
Life Membership is designated to retired Dentists or to practicing Dentists who have reached the age of 70. A minimum of 10 years of membership in CARDP preceding is mandatory.

  • As an Active/Fellow/Honorary or Life Member you have voting privileges regarding the Academy’s Business and By Laws.

Non Voting Members are designated as:

  • Military Members
  • Faculty Members
  • Technician Members
  • Second Year Dentist Members