Mrs. Suzanne Balcom


For the first time in history up to 4 generations work together in the dental office. Understanding generational differences is about understanding that each generation behaves differently, thinks differently and is motivated differently.

The new golden rule is: One size does not fit all. This lively, interactive and timely presentation will enable you to not only identify the generations in your workplace and their particular communication styles, it will empower you to maximize the expertise, talents and abilities of your partners, associates & staff and build bridges that result in a highly functional dental practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Up to date industry review of who are the generations of people in the dental office
  2. Communications update inter generationally and with new technology
  3. Generational differences and current management styles for leadership & succession

Bio:  Suzanne Balcom is the one of the co founders, along with her husband Dr. Randy Balcom and Dr. Robert S. Roda, the mentor of the East Coast Endodontic Study Club.  Inspired by their good friend the late Dr. R.V. Tucker of Ferndale, Washington the Study Club started in 2003. It serves 35 dentists from across Atlantic Canada with hands on endodontic training at the Dalhousie Dental School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Suzanne has been managing dentists and staff for the past 30 years. 18 years in Vancouver and for the past 12 years right here in Nova Scotia where she and her husband moved to in 2002 to raise their children and be closer to her husband’s family. Suzanne’s former life included being a television actress on Neon Rider and these days she can be found on the stage somewhere saying something in a way that is informative and entertaining.
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