Mr. Steve Hurson


Care in design is fundamental to mechanical and physiologic success of dental prostheses; this is particularly true for implant overdentures.

Critical factors include properly matched components, precision of fit, material selection and abutment screw pre-load. This presentation will focus on the biomechanics of implant prosthetics and each of these factors will be examined. This will include the evolution of implant and prosthetic materials, laboratory procedures and developments in CAD/CAM technology with an emphasis on the benefits to the clinician and patient.


  1. Importance of material selection to tissue adhesion and crestal bone level maintenance
  2. Properly matched components, precision of fit and proper abutment screw pre-load are essential to trouble free restorations
  3. Improper laboratory work is often the cause of chronic screw loosening, proper laboratory techniques and clinician receiving inspection will be emphasized.


Steve Hurson began his career in dental implants as a Project Engineer at Denar Corporation in 1984. Working with Dr. Jack Hahn, the first Denar implants were developed and clinically evaluated. In August of 1986 the Denar implants were launched to the profession and were the first pre-cleaned and sterilized implants commercially available.

Steve became the Director of Research and Development at Steri-Oss Inc. in 1990 and Chief Scientist for Nobel Biocare USA. LLC. in 2001. As part of the Research and Development group Steve has been responsible for new implant system development. His accomplishments include the development of the Replace Tri-Lobe implant system and the development of the Steri-Oss implant system since its inception in 1984. In 2006 his group worked closely with Dr. Ophir Fromovich in the development of the Nobelctive implant system.

Steve has 18 patents in the field of dental implants and has lectured nationally and internationally on implant design and mechanics, prosthetics and implant surfaces. Steve is now retired and lecturing and consulting for Nobel Biocare.

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