Dr. Sayed Mirbod, Halifax, NS (Part II)

During these two related and consecutive talks, Drs. Flood and Mirbod will discuss the rationale for saving vs extracting natural teeth.

Dr. Flood will discuss when saving teeth is reasonable and possible whereas Dr. Mirbod will discuss when extraction and replacement is indicated. The talks will concentrate on periodontally compromised teeth, teeth with external root resorption, and teeth with restorative challenges. Different treatment options will be presented to save and prolong the life of such teeth. Implants will be presented as an alternative when saving natural teeth is not possible. These two presentations will be heavily case-based with examples from each presenter’s personal repertoire.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Periodontal support needed to maintain teeth in health and function.
  2. Expected prognosis for teeth with inadequate periodontal support.
  3. Options for dealing with teeth which lack adequate periodontal support.

Bio: Dr. Sayed Mirbod attended the University of Toronto for his undergraduate studies where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science, followed by a Master of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering. He then went on to study Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, graduating in 1993. After practising General Dentistry for five years he attended the University of Manitoba and completed the Masters of Dentistry in Periodontics program in 2001. He is Past President of the Canadian Academy of Periodontology and the Atlantic Society of Periodontists and he is a Fellow of Royal College of Dentists of Canada. Dr. Mirbod practices Periodontics and Implant Dentistry in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In addition to a busy practice schedule he enjoys teaching in the Graduate Periodontics program at Dalhousie University where he is an Associate Professor.