Dr. Randy Allan


Using gold as a restorative material has slowly fallen out of favour over the last number of years.

This presentation will discuss some of the reasons for this occurrence and examine whether or not those reasons are valid or misguided. Clinical cases will be used to try to augment this examination and an attempt will be made to demonstrate to attendees that gold is of great value as one of the many restorative materials at our disposal and that incorporating it into our restorative practices can be rewarding and fulfilling for both the clinician and the patient.


  1. To get insight into why the use of gold as a restorative material has declined in recent years.
  2. To fully understand and appreciate the advantages of gold as a restorative material.
  3. To separate reality from perception in what contributes to patient treatment decisions and why we may be misunderstanding our patients’ desires.
  4. To develop an appreciation for the ability of cast gold restorations to be aesthetic and visually inconsequential.
  5. To recognize when and where is the best time to use gold as a restorative material.
  6. If you answered No and Yes, how to address that circumstance.

Bio:  Dr. Randy Allan graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1979 and has been in private practice in Vancouver since that time. In 1984 Dr. Allan became a member of The Richard V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Club of Vancouver under the mentorship of Dr. Richard V. Tucker. He continues as an active member of that club as well as the Walter K. Sproule Gold Foil Study Club. Dr. Allan is also himself a mentor of the Victoria R. V. Tucker and Nova Scotia R. V. Tucker Study Clubs and has mentored and lectured on the Tucker technique of conservative cast gold restorations in Italy and the United States at various times over the years. He is a contributing instructor at the University of British Columbia student Cast Gold elective and the Student R. V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Club of U. B. C. Dr. Allan authored the article: “The Aesthetic 7/8 Gold Crown – The Tucker Technique”, which was published in the Journal of the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics – Vol. 4-2, Summer 2011.

He is a member and Past President of the Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs.ADA Statement