Dr. Preety Desai

Tooth replacement with dental implants has provided dentistry with a superior option for oral rehabilitation, enhanced function and health.  Unfortunately, peri-implant disease is ever burgeoning in our patients concurrent to this.

Challenges of peri-implantitis diagnosis and treatment can be similar to periodontal regeneration around natural teeth and yet results are very different.

Scientific literature and clinical cases will be presented to categorize and demonstrate the variety of treatment options for dental implants’ regeneration.

The key lies in the fact that the titanium implant surface is unforgiving when bone resorption occurs exposing it to the oral flora.  This opportunistic biofilm and the titanium oxide layer on the implant needs consideration.  Many mechanical devices on the market are unpredictable and there is evidence the regeneration can occur if this smear layer is removed, leaving the implant surface “Virginal” to receive the regenerative benefits with all our traditional techniques.

(40 Minute Presentation)

Synopsis: The Doctor of Dental Medicine or Dental Surgery is not merely a barber surgeon.  The dentist possesses an intimate knowledge of head and neck anatomy, disease processes and craniofacial conditions.  We have surgical experience that surpasses many other health care professionals.  Administration of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers for aesthetic or therapeutic procedures of the head and neck is a natural extension of the dentist’s skill set.  Facial aesthetics involves looking beyond the enamel and gingiva and addressing the tissues that frame the smile.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. A Review of the dentist’s existing knowledge of head and neck anatomy to illustrate why we are the logical choice as a clinician to address facial aesthetics
  2. A discussion of physical changes that occur to the hard and soft tissues of the head and neck over time.
  3. An introduction to common oral medicine therapies and aesthetic applications of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers

Bio: Dr. Preety Deasi is the first Canadian Periodontist implementing the all tissue laser into her periodontal practice since 2006.  She has called Kamloops her home since 1996 and has a full-time practice.

Dr. Desai has received degrees from the university of Toronto, DDS from McGill University and specialized in Periodontics at the UBC.  After which she and her husband loved British Columbia so much they choose to raise their two active sons in Kamloops.

Recently she has completed her specialty MSc Degree in Laser Dentistry 2016 from Aachen University, Germany and has implemented the erbium all tissue laser into all aspects of periodontal and implant surgery since 2006.

She is passionate about implementing up to date technology and the best practices available to periodontics and sharing her experience having lectured locally, nationally and internationally.


Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Periodontology, Canadian Academy of Periodontology, Royal College of Dentists of Canada,  Fellow BC College of Dental Surgeons, BC Society of Periodontists, Canadian Dental Association, BC Dental Association, Kamloops and District Dental Society, ICOI.