Dr. Peter Walford

Root proximity, inadequate bone, insufficient length, integrative failure or restricted budgets are common reasons for implant contraindication which can leave us stumped for fixed options.

This presentation shows an innovative adhesive retainer design that enables an esthetic prosthesis, on single or multiple abutments, with 400 cases over 12 years to establish effectiveness.


  1. Typical indications, applications and esthetic outcomes
  2. Elements of the retainer design that insure success
  3. Method of preparation to ensure conservative predictability
  4. Importance of an opaque and hydrophobic cement to longevity and esthetics

Bio:  BC Dentist Dr. Peter Walford McGill 1975, FCARDP, mentors study groups, publishes in Oral Health Journal, presents nationally at dental meetings, was the first online mentor for BCDA, and frequently demonstrates at PDC Live Stage.    He counts Raymond Bertolotti and Richard V. Tucker as his biggest influences, combining innovation with reliability. He runs an organic farm on a BC Gulf Island, is a grandfather, triathlete, and builds high-performance boats for salt water as recreation.