Dr. Peter Fritz, Fonthill, ON

Despite our best efforts, some of our patients will develop post-surgical complications with implant dentistry.

Often complications can take months or years to manifest such as with peri-implantitis. Given the significant differences in the rate of complications between experienced and inexperienced surgeons, it is in the best interest of the patient to seek out the clinician with the lowest complication rate. One way to communicate the severity of the complication is by assigning it a financial cost. Using business-modeling programs it is revealed that using a team approach for patient care not only provides the most predictable and cost-effective outcome for the patient, but is also the most profitable approach for the clinicians involved in the case.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize that it is economically irresponsible to offer surgical services without factoring the financial cost of potential complications to your practice.
  2. Understand a framework for categorizing surgical complication types.
  3. Comprehend that strictly from an economic perspective for all stakeholders, the best strategy for the general dentist is to refer patients for surgical procedures to the clinician with the lowest complication rate.
  4. Recognize that the best long-term value for the surgical patient is to incur a higher initial cost to mitigate significant unknown costs at a later time.

Bio:  Peter is an intrepid, insurgent, life-long learner. He combines clinical, scientific and a strong business acumen to pursue excellence in patient care and economic responsibility.  Peter owns and maintains a private practice in Fonthill, Ontario where he is an advocate of change and innovation in the collaborative specialty of periodontics. Uninhibited and persistent, he drives the competitive edge, ignites engagement in clinical and business activities and surrounds himself with only the highest performers. He strives for constant improvement and leads his team with charisma and trusted collaboration, igniting team spirit to boost productivity, harmony and engagement. He has gained significant peer and industry recognition as a revolutionist and for establishing a world-class periodontal clinic, considered as one of the most innovative and successful solo periodontal practitioner clinics in the world.