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The fear of locking an overdenture into undercuts keeps many of us at bay when considering picking up an attachment clinically versus having the lab process it indirectly.

Both solutions have their indications, but we need comfort and confidence with the direct pick up protocol without fear of locking on. However, there are other complications that lurk in the procedures we use to add or pick up attachments for our overdentures and implant assisted RPDs.

There are a variety of techniques available with numerous outcomes. We will review the clinical evolution of these techniques and culminate with the current, cutting-edge solution that limits the negative possibilities. This presentation is clinically based and will provide a clear and simple roadmap for excellent outcomes with all our patients.

Participants leave with increased confidence and a clear understanding of clinical treatment ideals, including the ability to:

Learning Objectives:

  1. List the four outcomes of a clinical pick up procedure
  2. Identify the drills necessary and materials options
  3. Clarify the different results with the material options available
  4. Identify the impact that abutment height and angulation has on the risk of locking on

Bio: M. Nader Sharifi, D.D.S., M.S. holds a certificate in prosthodontics and a masters degree in biomaterials from Northwestern University.  He received his dental education at the University of Illinois.  He has presented more than 500 lectures covering numerous topics on restorative dentistry earning him recognition from esteemed study groups, societies and associations across the nation and internationally.

Dr. Sharifi currently maintains a full-time private practice in Chicago’s downtown loop and uses his experience as a five day a week wet gloved dentist to ensure time saving and cost effective care are represented in his presentations. In 2007 Chicago Dental Society honored him with the Gordon Christenson Distinguished Lecturer Award. He has also been honored with Fellowship in the American College of Dentists and Membership in the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry – both in 2010.

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