Dr. Mark Olesen

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Note 55 Minute Presentation

Root fractures are frustrating for both patient and dentist. They cause pain and infection and tooth replacement is costly.

This lecture will discuss root fractures as well as past and current concepts in root canal shaping. Strategies to improve the longevity of endodontically treated teeth will be discussed.


  1. To learn to better diagnose root fractures.
  2. To learn varying opinions about shaping root canals.
  3. To learn strategies to decrease the likelihood of root and coronal fractures after RCT.

Bio: Mark Olesen received his dental degree from the University of British Columbia in 1988. He practiced general dentistry for 6 years and then completed his graduate program in endodontics at the University of Southern California in 1996. Mark practices endodontics full-time in North Vancouver and devotes much time to study clubs and teaching. He is not affiliated with any company that sells dental products.

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