Dr. Joel Fransen – Richmond, BC

The old is new again. There are a lot of great developments in endodontics but without a reliable, accurate, and defendable diagnosis no device other than a parachute can save you.

Dr. Fransen will provide useful information for getting your diagnoses on the mark, getting your files to length, avoiding mishaps, and minimizing your vulnerability to investigators. Don’t let endo be the end of your career.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Endodontic Diagnosis
  2. Endodontic Treatment
  3. Endodontic Nightmares

Bio: Dr. Fransen is an avid cyclist in the Tour de Cure, raising money for oral cancer research at the B.C. Cancer Agency, as well as a member of the Canadian National Speed Skiing team, and died in the wool Liverpool supporter. All of this is possible because, during the week, he kills bacteria, viruses, and pulps hiding in hard-to-reach places. Dr. Fransen is a certified specialist in endodontics and has twenty-three years of clinical experience, fourteen of which as an endodontist.