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Not enough space? I’ve got the Ace!

Remember the Maryland Bridge? Most of us would like to forget that era. Remember the gold pinlay bridge? Definitely forgotten, or never learned at all, but very successful in its day. Along comes the dental implant, and the Maryland Bridge falls more out of favor. But what to do if there isn’t enough space required for both hard and soft tissues for the missing lateral incisor? What if the parents can’t afford the implant choice as the orthodontics is finished, and college costs weigh heavy on the horizon?

A possible answer is the one-wing pinlay/Maryland Bridge. I have combined the retentive features of the gold pinlay abutment with the features of the acid etch retainer to come up with a very secure, and quite long lasting “provisional” choice. A step-by step method will be presented.


  1. Understand the mechanical retentive design of a pinlay retainer.
  2. Understand the space requirements for hard and soft tissues for an esthetic implant.
  3. Prepare a canine for a one wing pinlay/acid etch retainer to anchor a single lateral incisor cantilever.


Dr. Soltys is a 1981 graduate of the Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He subsequently completed a 1-yr GPR at Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, NY. After 10 years of private practice he went back to the Eastman Dental Center to receive his Certificate in Prosthodontics. He has a private practice is Victor, NY.

Dr. Soltys is a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics; a member of the American College of Prosthodontists, the International Team for Implantology and the American College of Dentists. He teaches one day a week at the Eastman Institute of Oral Health Department of Prosthodontics, and has lectured extensively about implants, ceramics, and partial dentures at the local, national, and international level.
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