Dr. Faraj Edher – Vancouver, BC

Advancements in technology and materials have changed the world of prosthodontics.

These changes apply to the simplest and most complex restorative cases, with digital workflows allowing for enhanced communication between clinicians, technicians, and patients. This presentation will give an overview of new innovations and techniques that can be implemented to make comprehensive prosthodontic reconstructions more predictable, efficient, and durable.

Learning Objectives:  

  1. Understanding how to utilize a digital workflow from treatment planning to final restorations.
  2. Introducing innovative ways to combine steps in the restorative workflow utilizing technology and modern materials.
  3. Overview on tools to assist in predictably maintaining and monitoring complex fixed prosthodontic reconstructions.

Bio: Dr. Faraj Edher is a Specialist in Prosthodontics and the Director of the Digital Dentistry Institute, a global educational organization that conducts comprehensive training programs in digital dentistry and implant dentistry. He regularly gives presentations, seminars, and workshops, both locally and globally, focusing on digital dentistry, implant dentistry, treatment planning, and aesthetic rehabilitations.  In addition to practicing full time in British Columbia – Canada, Dr. Edher is a Clinical Assistant Professor and guest lecturer at the University of British Columbia and has numerous publications in areas such as dental implants and digital dentistry.