Dr. Dimitrios Karastathis

As the number of implants being placed in patients has grown exponentially over the years, so too has the number of implant complications.

Synopsis:   One of the most severe complications that affect the long-term prognosis of an implant is peri-implantitis.  This lecture will cover many aspects of this condition including diagnosis, etiology, anatomy of the disease, prevalence, management and prevention.  By the end of the presentation, the audience will have a clear understanding of this disease and be prepared to inform their patients with relevant and up to date information.


  1. Understand the causes of peri-implantitis
  2. Understand how to monitor and diagnose peri-implantitis
  3. Understand treatment options for peri-implantitis

Bio:  Dr. Dimitrios Karastathis is a board-certified periodontist, practicing full time periodontics and implant therapy in Vancouver, British Columbia.  In addition, he is a surgical instructor in the Graduate Periodontics program at the University of British Columbia, and lectures for numerous study clubs throughout Vancouver.