Dr. Claudia Giamabatistini

Adult orthodontic treatment can be significantly more complex as it often involves a multidisciplinary approach, as compared to children or adolescents

Such cases require special consideration to the periodontium, missing teeth, tooth wear, dental and skeletal asymmetries and prosthetic and/or surgical requirements. The most crucial step is definitely the initial diagnosis and treatment planning with all of the clinicians who will be involved in the different aspects of the rehabilitation of the dentofacial esthetics and functional occlusion. This information then has to be clearly reviewed with the patient with a detailed outlining of the order and sequence of the different disciplines, the duration of each phase and the costs for the varied procedures. Only then can a patient have a realistic expectation of the treatment goals and anticipated results to make a well-informed decision.

(40 Minute Presentation)

Learning Objectives: 

  1. When is orthodontic treatment beneficial in prosthetic cases?
  2. Should the orthodontics be started before or after implant placement?
  3. Factors to consider in treatment planning multidisciplinary cases involving orthodontics

Bio: Dr. Claudia Giambattistini completed her dental degree at McGill University in 1994. Following her dental studies, she completed a multidisciplinary residency program at the Royal Victoria Hospital affiliated with McGill University. She obtained her specialty certificate in Orthodontics in 1997 from the University of Toronto. Upon returning to Montreal, she joined Dr. Donald Taylor’s practice and together they established the TGO Orthodontics private practice. Dr. Giambattistini has been actively involved in academia for many years: she has given many lectures in orthodontics to the McGill dental students, has run the orthodontics division of the Royal Victoria and, more recently also the Montreal General Hospital, Multidisciplinary Residency Program.

She has been an examiner in orthodontics for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She has been a member of the American Association of Orthodontics, the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, the Quebec Association of Orthodontics and the Montreal Dental Club since her graduation. She has served 7 years on the executive committee of the QAO and 4 years on the MDC. Most recently, she has joined the Cleft Palate Clinic at the MCH treating patients with congenital malformations requiring orthodontic treatment, often in conjunction with various surgical procedures. In her spare time, she takes dance lessons, loves to read and watch her kids’ hockey and basketball games.