Dr. Ashok Oommen

A state-of-the-art, yet down-to-earth lecture exploring the past, present and future state of your health and what you can do to change your destiny. 

Dr. Oommen is back to discuss your health and the implications of personalized medicine, artificial intelligence and the very future of medicine itself, in his usual entertaining style.  You will learn and laugh.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the biggest threats to your health at this time.
  2. Learn about what you can do to add meaningful and productive years to your life.
  3. Learn about the role of personalized medicine in your future.
  4. Learn about the implications of artificial intelligence and the future of medicine.

Bio: Dr. Oommen is a seasoned Family Doctor and Emergency specialist.  He is a faculty lecturer at McGill University and has worked at all the McGill University hospitals.  For the past 12 years he holds the position of Medical Director at Cardiogenix Medical Centre, one of Quebec’s premiere medical and longevity centres. He currently oversees the operations of all 3 Cardiogenix clinics.  Dr. Oommen is a regular guest on radio and television talk shows discussing the health topics of the day and the secrets to a long, strong and happy life.  He has devoted his life to both helping patients with immediate and urgent health concerns, as well as specializing in wellness and longevity.